The Perfect Shoes

Okay, pretty much, shoes were invented to give protection to our feet. Even being fashion-conscious myself, I at times neglect the reason why I have been wearing 4-inch stiletto high heels with my feet all irritated at work; and my closet has hardly something comfortable for my feet. I then decided to make an online search for comfortable shoes. Well, I have known this company, Aerosoles, all my life however, there is not a single one I own.

So first of all, I wanted to try Women’s Dresses in Phoenix which is said to make your feet “breathe”. Okay, I’m not sure exactly how it can be probable, but then a friend of mine informed me that the way they design Aerosoles basically allow your blood circulation to circulate smoothly. So, I thought my feet were reasonably “stressed”, so I simply have to have a pair of these Aerosoles!

So the first pair that I bought off the web was a pair of Aerosoles dress shoes. They fit in simply wonderfully, taking into consideration my feet are medium in width. Some things I heard about Aerosoles was that they may be only made for medium-width feet, so this is kind of a downside, but I think women who has feet on the larger width side can buy their match with half-sizes.

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